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Profound Positioning offers robust positioning and navigation solutions for variety of applications and mobile platforms

Our solutions utilize Precise Point Positioning (PPP) and advanced multi-sensor fusion technologies to offer unprecedented performance in real-time.


Instant Vehicle Tracking

Unmatched Performance

Instant decimeter level accuracy with consumer-level sensors

PPI’s Profound-IVT is the only cost effective vehicle navigation solution with the performance now demanded for safer, more efficient driving – everywhere vehicles go.

Unmatched Performance

Precise :Decimeter level accuracy plus orientation and velocity

Global : Works everywhere (no base stations)

Starts Anywhere: Even without initial GNSS

Instant: Resolution <5s

Continuous: Performs in tunnels, dense urban environments, multi-level highway junctions, and parking garages.

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 Driver Assistant

Fleet Tracking

Driving and safety management

Autonomous vehicles



Mobile tracker

Multi-sensor fusion in denied GNSS and degraded visual environments

Low-cost integrated INS/GNSS solution for mobile


PPI’s Profound-Mobile provide DC meter level accuracy for positioning and navigation for mobile devices.

  • Precise: Decimeter level location and navigation
  • Tracks and even starts everywhere! – including without GNSS
  • Rapid resolution ~5s
  • Affordable
  • Accessible pricing​ designed for mobile devices


Mobile device ready

Optimized in-vehicle navigation

Performance, running, biking, teams, etc..

Location Based Services (LBS), Augmented Reality (AR), and Gaming​


Low-cost precise navigation solution

Tracks and even starts everywhere! 

Affordable pricing designed specifically for UAVs

Profound -UAV is a precise positioning solution for Air platforms such as Drones and UAV platform that works with low-cost GNSS chips and modules in the market.  Backed by PPI’s PPP+ and INS+ technologies.


Precise location information for UAV

Useful in challenging or obstructed locations​

Rapid precise navigation assistance​

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