Profound Positioning offers robust positioning and navigation solutions for variety of applications and mobile platforms

Our solutions utilize Precise Point Positioning (PPP) and advanced multi-sensor fusion technologies to offer unprecedented performance in real-time.



Integrated System for Land vehicles

Continuous, Accurate and Reliable Navigation with Dollar-Level Sensors

PPI’s Profound-DR is a cutting-edge sensor fusion navigation firmware for land vehicle and mobile robot 3D navigation applications in degraded or denied GNSS signals environments such as tunnels, indoor parking, urban centers, and multilevel highway junctions.


gps-2In-dash car navigation


Wheel based unmanned ground vehicles

Safety critical platforms such as self-driving cars


Park in the dark

Multi-sensor fusion in denied GNSS and degraded visual environments

Robust and Accurate High Precision Positioning for Automated Valet Parking

PPI’s Profound-Radar is an automotive radar-based localization library for decimeter-level position accuracy in indoor and outdoor environments.


Automated valet parking (AVP)

Automated shuttle services in airports, shopping malls, corporate campuses, etc.

Level-4 autonomous vehicles in controlled environments


Low-cost precise GNSS solution

Works with low-cost GNSS chips and modules

Global availability and fast convergence using low-cost GNSS chips and modules

Profound Instant PPP (IP3) is a precise point positioning (PPP) software platform that works with low-cost GNSS chips and modules in the market.  Backed by PPI’s PPP+ technology, IP3 features global availability, fast convergence and continuous position solutions to deliver the highest precision and reliability through novel integration of low-cost GNSS and PPP technology.


 Precise location information for UAV

 Self-driving cars in intelligent transportation      systems

Mobile devices to create value-added services

Profound Positioning Inc. is a TECTERRA portfolio company